Silkmore Primary Academy

Behaviour, Suspensions and Exclusions

At Silkmore Primary Academy, we expect all children to be the best that they can be and to 'Aim High'. Our behaviour policy clearly demonstrates how we nurture children and proactively work with the child and family to tackle any disruptive behaviour. Please see below for more information on the behaviour policy.


Behavior Policy

Please find below more information on Pupil Suspensions:
The school will make every effort to support pupils with challenging behaviour and to resolve conflict. However, if it is necessary to exclude a pupil then the following procedures will be implemented:

Fixed term Suspension

Headteachers have the legal right to suspend a pupil for up to 45 school days in a school year. Suspension is a disciplinary sanction, which can only be exercised by the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher when s/he is acting in the Headteacher’s absence and only in response to serious breaches of the school’s policy on behaviour or of the criminal law.
Where a pupil is suspended for a fixed period, the suspension will be for a minimum time to ensure that the pupil and others in the school understand that the behaviour has been unacceptable. Pupils will be given every opportunity to improve their behaviour before fixed term exclusion is exercised.

A first fixed period of suspension lasting from 1 to 3 days is usually appropriate.  When a pupil is suspended for a fixed period of more than two days the Headteacher will arrange for pupils to receive schoolwork to do at home and have it marked until s/he returns to school.

Arrangements for fixed term suspension:
1. Fixed-term suspensions will take effect as of the close of the current school day.  However, if the offense is of a very serious nature, i.e., where a pupil is a grave danger to themselves or others, then the exclusion will be immediate.
2. The Headteacher/Deputy Head teacher will make every effort to contact parents by telephone during the day informing of the suspension and the reasons for it.  The Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher will always send a formal letter setting out the reasons for the exclusion and the arrangements for their return to school.
3. Parents will be informed of their right to make representations to the Governing Body.
In the unlikely event that it is necessary to apply the sanction of permanent exclusion, then the governing body will follow appropriate LA procedures.